About Our Services

MobilEyez brings more than 30 years of expertise and passionate creativity to YOU for a unique eyewear styling experience.

We have procured with a trained eye, hidden gems and one-of-a-kind, handmade products from around the globe. All this to provide you with a timeless professional look that promises to assure your comfort and a presence of luxury


For people who don't have the time or need to wait on a comprehensive eye exam and just need their prescription glasses updated we offer a 5 Minute TELEMEDICINE solution; prescription UPDATES for glasses and contacts powered by SMART VISION LABS



The Executive Edge

Executive Concierge Service with licensed, seasoned, professional individually tailored lifestyle fittings ~ offering expertly chosen products to ensure you enjoy superior quality and an distinctive look. Click here to read more about our Executive Edge package.


Personalized Onsite Services

Quick and Efficient service provided with a fully equipped Mobile Optical Service on site. Our updates are performed with the Newest Telemedicine Wavefront technology. Click here to learn more about our Smart Vision Labs Unit.


Home Concierge Service

We are taking the next step in bringing the optical shop to you. We also do eye-wear parties! We have a $50 service fee for travel that is waived if glasses are purchased during visit. 


Contact Us To Schedule Your Next Appointment!

Scheduling your next appointment is easy. Just click the link "Contact" page and fill in your information or click the "Ask IRIS" Button below!


Please bring the following items on the day of your update:

  1. Any out of network provider forms "so you can submit for reimbursement."

  2. Your existing eyewear – glasses and contact lense boxes.

If you normally wear your contacts during the day, please wear or bring them to your appointment. Our optician will want to test your eyes while wearing your contacts to ensure the proper prescription is given. If you have your current contact lens prescription, the box they came in, an individual lens pod, or your most recent order receipt, please bring those as well. This will help us identify your lenses.


Q: How do I book an appointment?

A: You can click the Ask IRIS button to book your next appointment or Call and email us to get your business signed up with our Mobileyez Services. Once you’ve successfully booked your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email. If you have any problems, just let us know by clicking on the “Ask IRIS” button on the landing page. We’ll be happy to help.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

A: Life happens – we get it. We will try our best to accommodate a change in your schedule, so send us a note, or stop by the Mobileyez event and we’ll figure out how to reschedule.

Q: Do you take walk-ins?

A: Sometimes. Because we book entire days, we rarely have openings. Check in with us early in the day, and we’ll notify you if we have a last minute cancellation. Of course, we can’t guarantee anything.


I am so glad that Leanne Murabito is licensed in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She is flawless with fitting me for eyeglasses. And now she is preparing to travel to us in her TRAVEL MOBILE! What a bonus!!!.

Keena Keel


LOVE LOVE LOVE this place !! I was always told I couldn't wear metal frames because my script was too strong. Leanne showed me some beautiful metal frames from Italy. I ended up getting a gorgeous, funky looking pair of frames that I would never have expected to be able to wear because of my script, much less look great in them!

Mary Holland


Went in for my annual eye exam and contact fitting today and got to use the Smart Vision Labs app instead of a traditional O.D. visit. Was outta there in less that 10 minutes and both my contact lens script and eyeglass script, as well as my exam results from a M.D. were emailed to me less than two hours later. Awesome technology and super easy!

Jared Freilich