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“Time is the ultimate luxury …

and luxury never goes out of style”


  “The Executive Edge Suite”

   Executive Concierge Service providing; Prescription eyewear with ease and convenience

  • On Site service provided by a licensed RDO (Registered dispensing Optician).

  • Comfort and convenience - Right in your office or board room on YOUR schedule

  • Includes In-Office Services, Consult services includes discussions pertinent to  your work and lifestyle needs . We will choose lens designs, materials and frames to give you, your best look. We will handle it from there, providing fabrication and dispensing, all scheduled on your time!

  • Lifestyle Fittings Individually Tailored expertly chosen products to ensure you enjoy superior quality and an distinctive look created with your Lifestyle  in mind     

  • We specialize in personalized, tailor made, state of the art luxury eyewear.  Providing outstanding products that  are hand chosen, from unrivaled purveyors globally, with the most advanced technology with your unique lifestyle in mind.

  • Personalized Home Service (extra Fee) Extend services to loved ones in the comfort of their home!

  • 5 minute Prescription updates  cutting edge, inspired from NASA technology in your office. Without losing your valuable time 

  • Annual Package fee $ 300


Did you know?

Anyone who has languished in a doctor’s waiting room, fuming as the minutes tick by, knows the frustration. Now, research from Harvard Medical School has calculated how many minutes patients spend seeking medical care — and the dollar value of their lost time.

The study estimates that the typical visit to a doctor consumes 121 minutes of the patient’s time — 37 minutes in travel, 64 minutes waiting for care or filling out forms, and only 20 minutes face to face with the physician.

What we offer

  1. Allows your company to compete for the brightest pioneers, in their field, by offering this unique personalized service.

  2. Saves money on mainstream vision riders, all of which limit  frame and product choices and cost you lost time for scheduling appointments, fittings & (requires return visit) for dispensing

  3. Less  HR & accounting involvement. Payment taken at time of service from employee (via check, credit or PayPal)

  4. Less lost productivity due to scheduling appointments, taking time out of work, driving, filling out forms, waiting for the doctor, getting the exam, picking out eyewear and returning to pick up eyewear.

  5. Allows you to keep valued employees happy! A unique edge to allow you to retain  your top talent)

  6. Instead of a raise or promotion, this allows for affordable  way of saying “Thank you and We care”!

  7. The incentive is the “Executive Edge Suite,  offered by you as you feel fit for those prized employees as a way for you to recognize their continued loyal service.

  8. Greater use of time

Learn More About Our SVL 1 Portable Refracting Unit Here


Allowing for Prescription Updates for glasses and contact lens wearers

This vision testing service is intended only to measure refractive error and determine a prescription for corrective eyewear or experienced, current contact lens wearers to receive an updated contact lens prescription.. It is NOT a comprehensive exam and does not evaluate for any abnormalities, disease or risk factors of any disease. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU RECEIVE A FULL COMPREHENSIVE EYE EXAM AT REGULAR INTERVALS. This shall be determined by your primary eye care provider.

State of the Art Technology combined with Personalized Service

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